Second anniversary!!!!

Fabulous second anniversary of our magazine in Casa de les Punxes!!!

Thank to all our clients, partners and friends!!!

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Multifaceted Agde

Agde has a distinctive mark of the twentieth century “Heritage”. The charm of the city is invariably associated with the Midi Canal and the Herault River in the center.

In just 2.5 hours the high-speed train RENFE-SNCF takes you from Barcelona directly there.

Agde is multifaceted. You can choose from four di erent routes: Cap d’Agde, Agde City, Grau d’Agde or Tamarissiere. Each to his own course! But we would like to introduce you to the most curious of them.

Aqua Planet


Fashionable Summer – Capsule Wardrobe



27 and 28 of July in Barcelona!!!!

Unique festival of Sant Jordi

On April 23, Barcelona is always lled with the scent of roses, books and, of course, those in love.

On this day, you can take part in one of the most original holidays in Catalonia, Sant Jordi. The custom dictates that couples ex- change gi s: men receive a book, and wom- en - a rose.

A secret door in the center of Barcelona

In the house number 59 on the Aribau street there is a secret door transporting to Bali!

Winter in Style

How can you look stylish and interesting in the winter?

Animal Parade

Tres Tombs of Barcelona animal parade has been celebrated since 1826!

The Oldest Gothic Fountain

The Sant Just Fountain is located in a quiet square of the same name.

According to legend, in 1427, Joan Fiveller (chief adviser and manager of Barcelona), while hunting in the forests of Collserola, discovered the Sant Just stream. A fountain was established in place of the stream, which still functions perfectly today. It was the rst important public fountain in the city. Today, it is the oldest in Barcelona.

Christmas Beauty meeting

On Monday, December 17, 2018, we had a big and friendly girls party in the creative space "Arteria BCN"