Time Travel

Only one day spent in Lyon is able to carry you through time

Medieval City of Witches – Rupit

Rupit is known as a city of witches!

Сказочный город-музей Бесалу

Only in Besalu, you will see the real witch chairs that the inhabitants of the city nailed to the walls of the houses. What for?

Multifaceted Agde

Agde has a distinctive mark of the twentieth century “Heritage”. The charm of the city is invariably associated with the Midi Canal and the Herault River in the center.

In just 2.5 hours the high-speed train RENFE-SNCF takes you from Barcelona directly there.

Agde is multifaceted. You can choose from four di erent routes: Cap d’Agde, Agde City, Grau d’Agde or Tamarissiere. Each to his own course! But we would like to introduce you to the most curious of them.

Animal Parade

Tres Tombs of Barcelona animal parade has been celebrated since 1826!

A Deal with the Devil

There is a secluded place in the Gothic quarter, where tourists do not often come...

The Magic of Gothic

Is not just a tourist place, but a temple of the Barcelona history.

Medieval Catalan Romance

Barcelona is beautiful at any time of the year: Gothic quarters and boulevards, museums and cathedrals, architectural creations by Antonio Gaudi, singing fountains and parks, and cozy restaurants create a unique atmosphere of romance.

If you have explored Barcelona and want to diversify your holiday away from the city, then in just a few hours, you can easily plunge into a completely different world of unknown Catalonia.

Gin Route

In fact, in many circles, Barcelona is referred to as Gin City.

Walk With Love and Kisses

Streets with the most romantic names. 

How the Flower of Barcelona Saved the Honor of the City

The Flower of Barcelona, known as Flor-de-Barcelona, is one of the most famous symbols of the Catalonian capital.

Gastronomic tour in the spirit of surrealism

Opera Samfaina is a cultural and gastronomic “surreal” space