Gastronomic tour in the spirit of surrealism

Opera Samfaina is a cultural and gastronomic “surreal” space, located in the building of the “Liceo”Grand Theater (Gran Teatro del Liceo).
Even the creators of Opera Samfaina say that it is impossible to explain in words the sensory experience that you will get.
You must see and hear it, try, sense the smell and taste. It is a real multi-sensory journey throughout Catalan culture, from cuisine to music.
The project was conceived by the visual artist Frank Aleu in collaboration with the famous brothers Roca and other famous chefs. Here, mythology, sense of humor, history, landscape and food are intertwined in an amazing way.
Opera Samfaina has four unique spaces: VERMUTERIA, ODISSEA, DIVA and MERCAT.

The access corridor to the Diva, takes you through the Passage of the Dioramas.
When you press the button in front of the display, sound and light effects will appear and the Diorama will come to life.

The space where you can enjoy a tapas menu around a thematic tables with visual projections, do a tour of our selection of bars or try tapas created by michelin star chefs.

In this space, you can try the best anchovies from L’Escala, a selection of different varieties of olives, as well as traditional dishes together with a good vermouth, a glass of wine or a jug of our cava sangria.

This surprising adventure about the legend of catalonia has an elaborate soundtrack performed by the orchestra and choir of barcelona’s opera house gran teatre liceu.

Different themed spaces where you can try classic Catalan cuisine dishes & interact with the decor. Come and discover them!