Gin Route

Premium, Artisan Gins are sourced and celebrated in the most authentic bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant and fun-loving city. Cocktail menus and even cocktail bars have significantly grown here in popularity and with that trend, Gin has followed suit.
In fact, in many circles, Barcelona is referred to as Gin City.

Those who have an appreciation or even a curiosity for enjoying a “good” Gin may have sampled or have been recommended a number of popular, everyday, though high-end brands.
Gin Route BCN was set up as an Artisan, Premium Gin-centered event group offering high-end, international Gin tastings in a variety of events- principally the Gin Tour.

Whether a connoisseur or a first-time Gin-sipper, discover the finest bars, receive the best service and along the way, meet some great like-minded people and enjoy Gin in a variety of GinTonics, Gin Cocktails, etc. plus learn and discuss these innovative brands in excellent venues.

With our expertise and partnerships around the city, save a few Euros too!

Ready for a Gin-filled adventure and a night to remember?

– or not remember as the case may well be! Lol, just kidding.
Looking to discover new, Premium Gin concoctions distilled by Artisans, created by talented mixologists and even enjoy the occasional Gin Cocktail shot?