Medieval Catalan Romance

Barcelona is beautiful at any time of the year: Gothic quarters and boulevards, museums and cathedrals, architectural creations by Antonio Gaudi, singing fountains and parks, and cozy restaurants create a unique atmosphere of romance.

If you have explored Barcelona and want to diversify your holiday away from the city, then in just a few hours, you can easily plunge into a completely different world of unknown Catalonia.

Romantic landscapes, endless fields and vineyards, olive and almond groves, orchards, and manors adjacent to ancient stone churches and medieval castles. Here, there is a special atmosphere, different from the urban rhythm.

The gastronomy of these places deserves special attention, you can taste real organic products: steamed meat, different types of cheese, typical sausages, fuet, and local Catalan dishes with more economical prices than those in Barcelona.

Traveling through the mountains covered with oak and pine forests, marvelous beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, mountain rivers and lakes, ancient cities, ancient castles and monasteries, combined with wine and local food tastings will leave you with beautiful memories. 

So, let's go!


Medieval city of witches – Rupit


A small but very picturesque town has preserved the image of the 16th-17th centuries: hanging bridges, crooked streets, traces of volcanic lava, stone houses with closed shutters create an incredible magical spirit. This is not accidental, since Rupit is known as a city of witches! According to legend, in this mountain village, at an altitude of 900 meters above the sea level, witches were living and hiding from the cruel inquisitors.

Another point that gives the city a unique character - Rupit is built on the territory formed as a result of hardening of volcanic lava.

In Rupit, there are only about 300 inhabitants. In addition to the picturesque urban landscape, you can admire the well-preserved temples of the 10th-12th centuries and other masterpieces of the Middle Ages.


The fabulous city-museum Besalu


The territory of Besalu is larger than Rupit’s. The historical center of the city is rich in examples of Romanesque architecture. The stern Church of Sant Pere de Besalu is the main building of the 11th century in the square. From here, the streets go to the famous defensive bridge of the 11th century - one of the main attractions of the zone.

Only in Besalu, you will see the real witch chairs that the inhabitants of the city nailed to the walls of the houses. What for? Imagine, the witch will fly to the sabbath, get tired and fly to rest in someone's house. And during the rest, she will have time to do a lot of trouble to the owners of the house. What else would she do? She’s a witch. For this reason, the inhabitants invented special chairs on the walls of the houses, so that the witches could rest without flying into the house. So, they escaped from misfortunes, deceiving the tricky witches. That’s the story... 


"The chair of unattainable dreams"


Do you want your cherished wish to come true? You must go to Besalu. The fact is that once the Venetians gave the city a metal chair, the height of its legs is almost five meters. It is not so easy to sit on such a chair! Indeed, it turned out to be an unusable chair. According to the legend, anyone who can get on the chair seat can think of any desire that will necessarily come true.


In the footsteps of the "Game of Thrones"

Girona is one of the most romantic cities in Spain, with more than 2,000 years of history. It is said that it is difficult to enter Girona, and even harder to get out. Indeed, in the beginning the city may seem gray and impregnable, but after a short walk there is a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Girona is one of the most interesting cities in Catalonia. The artistic heritage of Girona is preserved in numerous monuments throughout the city.

Creative people here can endlessly draw inspiration from the streets and ancient fortresses. It was in Girona where the shooting of the sixth season and other episodes of the famous program "The Game of Thrones" were based.

In Girona, you will be met by powerful stone walls and small cozy stores, souvenir shops, colorful national products, bridges, and colorful homes. Right in the city, a reserve territory begins.


"The Cradle of Kabbalah"

It was in Girona, in the area of ​​El-Kall, located between the city wall and Forsa Street, in the 13th century, where the Kabbalah school was born, and its founder was the doctor and philosopher Ramban, who was later elected Chief Rabbi of the whole of Catalonia.


"Gothic paradise"

We continue our journey into the Middle Ages and again move to another era, getting to Pals - more like an open-air museum than a city. This small Gothic paradise, as if descended from ancient engravings, is one of the most scenic medieval towns on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.


Each house in the historic old town center is a kind of monument of Gothic art.

Stone walls and cobbled streets are replaced by paintings of flowering plants and flower. From the observation platforms of the city, you can enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding area.

Pals is famous for its magnificent sandy beaches. It boasts a picturesque bay - 4 km of sandy beaches, surrounded by pine trees and rocky capes - and is rightfully considered one the most picturesque place on the coast of Catalonia. 


"Slow city"

The neighboring town Begur is an extremely picturesque fishing village, which has preserved a fortress of the 17th century in its original form. If you climb here, you can capture a panorama of the entire coast - from the Bay of Roses to the snow-capped Pyrenees mountains.

Rocky coves, beautiful beaches, including a quiet nudist area, decent restaurants, the romantic atmosphere of these places will not leave you indifferent.

Begur is a member of the international movement "Slow City", whose goal is to improve the quality of life in cities by slowing the rhythm of life, resisting monotony and the routine.

Variants of routes along the romantic places of Catalonia can be different. You can organize your trip independently.

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Fill your trips with emotional moments, because they make all of us happy!