Multifaceted Agde

Agde has a distinctive mark of the twentieth century “Heritage”. The charm of the city is invariably associated with the Midi Canal and the Herault River in the center.

In just 2.5 hours the high-speed train RENFE-SNCF takes you from Barcelona directly there.

Agde is multifaceted. You can choose from four di erent routes: Cap d’Agde, Agde City, Grau d’Agde or Tamarissiere. Each to his own course! But we would like to introduce you to the most curious of them.

Surely, many of you have heard of the nudist beaches, but few - of the big naturist resorts. This is what Cap d’Agde is like. Here, you can stay undressed even going to the bank! Let alone shopping, going to the cafe or disco. At that, the atmosphere is decent and tourists come on a holiday with chil- dren without worries.

The only strict limitation in Cap d’Agde is the ban on photography and lming.

If you are not a naturist, but interested in taking a look at the Village Naturiste, don’t worry. No one will take your clothes o by force :)