Сказочный город-музей Бесалу

The territory of Besalu is larger than Rupit’s. The historical center of the city is rich in examples of Romanesque architecture. The stern Church of Sant Pere de Besalu is the main building of the 11th century in the square. From here, the streets go to the famous defensive bridge of the 11th century - one of the main attractions of the zone.

Only in Besalu, you will see the real witch chairs that the inhabitants of the city nailed to the walls of the houses. What for? Imagine, the witch will fly to the sabbath, get tired and fly to rest in someone’s house. And during the rest, she will have time to do a lot of trouble to the owners of the house.

What else would she do? She’s a witch. For this reason, the inhabitants invented special chairs on the walls of the houses, so that the witches could rest without flying into the house. So, they escaped from misfortunes, deceiving the tricky witches. That’s the story...