Walk With Love and Kisses

We will tell you about the streets with the most romantic names. 



It is a narrow little street with a dead end. It is located in the heart of the city, in the area of Ribera (Barri de la Ribera). This is a place with a rich history. The authentic origin of the street name is not known. We will tell you three versions and you choose the one that you like best: 

1. It is known that around 1651, a certain Joan Pontons lived in the street, neighbors called him simply Petons (a kiss). Apparently, it was a very popular man, since a street was named in honor of him. Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about him, except for the name. 

This is the o cial version of the Municipality of Barcelona. You can imagine yourself why he was nicknamed A Kiss. Don’t you think that this is a weak version? :) It is possible that the next one will be more convincing.

2. As it was a narrow and dark street, it was a great place for secret dates of lovers. Here, the comments will be superfluous. Everything is clear.

3. When the street was not yet a dead end, there was a square nearby where the criminals were executed (and not only criminals). When the condemned to death were led to the scaffold, they were allowed to bid farewell to their loved ones in this street, to hug and... kiss them for the last time.

Don’t forget to make a wish and kiss in this street! 



If you are in love, you will certainly see something special in this street. :) The truth is that this is quite an ordinary street. But, you see, it has a very romantic name!

If you decide to go to Sagrada Familia, then you can walk to the famous Gaudí temple along this street and feel its atmosphere yourself. 



Well, what can be said here? Love... and that’s it. Perhaps in the Middle Ages, lovers also met here. Or the person giving the name to the street was strongly enamored and wanted to capture the feeling for centuries. This street is located next to one of the most romantic places in the city: Parc del Laberint d’Horta. 



What is special about the street that bears the name of the goddess of love? It is located in the Gracia area. In this area, you will find hundreds of bars, terraces and restaurants, as well as feel the real atmosphere of Barcelona. A perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening in the more authentic at- mosphere than at the La Rambla and other tourist places in the city.

We wish you a pleasant and romantic walk through the streets of our beloved Barcelona!