Unique festival of Sant Jordi

On April 23, Barcelona is always lled with the scent of roses, books and, of course, those in love.

On this day, you can take part in one of the most original holidays in Catalonia, Sant Jordi. The custom dictates that couples ex- change gi s: men receive a book, and wom- en - a rose.

The origin of this curious festival is a mixture of traditions from di erent eras. On the one hand, this coincides with the fact that Sant Jordi is the saint patron of Catalonia; on the other hand, there is a famous legend about Sant Jordi and the dragon. According to the legend, Sant Jordi rescued the princess from a predatory and treacherous dragon. On the spot where the blood of the dragon shed, a bush with red roses grew. In the Middle Ages, a fair of roses and “lovers” was held in the chapel of San Jordi. It was then that the custom arose - to give the girl a rose on this saint’s day. For this reason, Sant Jordi is also known as the pa- tron of lovers in Catalonia.

And what do books have to do with this?

In 1929, during the International Exhibition in Barcelona, the booksellers decided to unite in order to present novelties and encourage reading. The initiative was so successful that it was decided to set April 23 as the Book Day. This day coincides with the death of two great authors: Cervantes and Shakespeare.

From the very beginning, the festival helped to signi cantly increase Catalan publishing activity.

The importance of the Catalan festival was so great that in 1995, the General Conference of UNESCO declared April 23 the World Book and Copyright Day.

This year we have prepared for you a special celebration. Celebration of San Jordi´s Day in this Medieval castle!

April 22 from 10 am to 10 pm.

During the day you will enjoyr:
• art workshops for the whole family
(origami, drawings, calligraphy, etc.)
• photo shoots in medieval costumes

• ECO Exhibition
• fair
• tasting of wine and products of Catalonia

• concert program

And, of course, the battle between San Jordi and the dragon !!!

Venue: Santa Florentina Castle (Canet de Mar)

For all questions please contact us by email yourchoicebarcelona@gmail.com

or whatsupp +34602553519