Stylish color combinations in the wardrobe

Let’s  learn to make stylish combinations.

Barcelona – a life-giving source for thirsty shopaholics!

No self-respecting fashionista should miss the Gracia area - the concentration of local boutiques.

ART Halloween

Don´ t miss ART Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween and the Day of the Dead in Barcelona

Halloween is not only the worship of the dead, but also the celebration of the continuity of life.

A Deal with the Devil

There is a secluded place in the Gothic quarter, where tourists do not often come...

The Magic of Gothic

Is not just a tourist place, but a temple of the Barcelona history.

Medieval Catalan Romance

Barcelona is beautiful at any time of the year: Gothic quarters and boulevards, museums and cathedrals, architectural creations by Antonio Gaudi, singing fountains and parks, and cozy restaurants create a unique atmosphere of romance.

If you have explored Barcelona and want to diversify your holiday away from the city, then in just a few hours, you can easily plunge into a completely different world of unknown Catalonia.

Gin Route

In fact, in many circles, Barcelona is referred to as Gin City.

Parc de Can Mercader

is a wonderful place for recreation and entertainment for visitors of all ages

The Blue Museum 

This is a great place for children where they can learn about the world in a fun and exciting way.


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