Turning Back to the Sea?

In the XIX and the rst half of the ХХ century, people were saying that Barcelona ‘turned its back’ to the sea.


A real gem, which is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Walk With Love and Kisses

Streets with the most romantic names. 

Girl Escaping

Contemporaries said that Miro was a master by nature.

The World of Harry Potter in Barcelona!

Each element of the decor is created based on the magical universe of J. K. Rowling

Easiest way to VAT refund

If you are not European Union ́s resident, you can request VAT refund for goods purchased in Spain.

Wow! Pork is Healthy!

Pig’s waist undercut has the same fat content as the turkey breast (!)

Peasant Shoes in the Mods’ Wardrobe

Which shoes to choose: ones that are comfortable, beautiful, and allow your feet to stay cool!

Turron is an Exquisite Treat

Turron is now considered a symbol of Spain sweets.

Museum of the Olympic Games and Sports

You can compete in the race with Carl Lewis, compare the actual weight li ed by the weightli ers, and much more.

Tips for using the public transport of Barcelona

Where to buy tickets?

How much is it?

How to call a taxi?