How the Flower of Barcelona Saved the Honor of the City

The Flower of Barcelona, known as Flor-de-Barcelona, is one of the most famous symbols of the Catalonian capital.

Monument to… a Butt?

Among the numerous vegetation in the park of Carlos I located in the area of San Marti, monument to a butt

Ghosts of Barcelona

Not only people live in Barcelona, but also ghosts.

Opera “The Demon”

Rubinstein's masterpiece about the demon's love obsession

Pillow Fighting in the Center of Barcelona

How do you like the idea – to beat your friends and strangers with a pillow in a public square?

The Scandalous Muse of Salvador Dali

The Mae West Lips Sofa is a surrealista sculpture in the form of a sofa

Gastronomic tour in the spirit of surrealism

Opera Samfaina is a cultural and gastronomic “surreal” space

Dreaming Stargazer in the Old Port

If you take a walk from the Columbus Monument to the Maremagnum shopping center

Violet saleswoman

Raquel Meller (her real name is Francisca Marquez Lopez) is a Spanish singer, movie actress, and star of the interwar era.

Unusual route: from park to park

In February, Barcelona offers many entertaining events. But sometimes, you want silence and the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through inviting parks, away from the city noise and fuss.