Unusual route: from park to park

In February, Barcelona offers many entertaining events. But sometimes, you want silence and the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through inviting parks, away from the city noise and fuss. For this reason, we have prepared a unique route along the coast for you. Following this path, you can walk along the sea, on foot or by bicycle, without leaving natural spaces. Literally, journeying park by park. It is noteworthy that all these parks were created as a result of the city renovation for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Cascades Park (Parc de les Cascades)
This park is at the head of our route. It is an open pedestrian zone and it serves as a kind of entrance to the Olympic Village.
The park is named in honor a small waterfall that overflows from the pond. 
The park has a beautiful landscape design and unusual sculptures: “David and Goliath” and “The Power of the Word”.
A few more steps and you will arrive at the Plaça dels Voluntaris. The next park on the route is waiting for us on the other side.
Location: Av. del Litoral, 12-14, district of Ciutat Vella

Park of the Olympic Port. El Parc del Port Olímpic
It is located opposite the Olympic Port. This green space extends to the sea in the form of a large curved line, which opens up to a great view and allows you to admire the beautiful seascape.
A promenade starts from Plaça dels Voluntaris square. Here was located are the flags of the countries participating in the 1992 Olympics and, also, the official mascot of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Cobi, the Catalan Shepherd, whose design is inspired by Cubism.
At the beginning of the flagpoles, there is Marc – a sculpture full of color that the author, artist Robert Llimos, dedicated to the memory of his son Marc, who died in a car accident.
On one side of the promenade, there is a large gazebo – a perfect place to take a rest – as well as playgrounds and terracotta pots with ornamental plants. On the other side, facing the sea, you will see a vast parterre full of trees, bushes and palms. As you move, part of the garden will give way to a large semi-circular space laced with paths and wide lawns. At the end of the park, after crossing l’Arquitecte Sert street, you will enter the third park on our route.
Location: Av. Litoral, 30

The Park of Nova Icaria (El Parc de la Nova Icària)
Nova Icaria Park (there is a beach of the same name) is a quiet place, which contrasts the noise of the busy Barcelona ring road – Ronda del Litoral, which is nearby. The entrance to this park is absolutely Olympic: the Champions Square (Plaça dels Campions), a rectangular and slightly elevated space. 
The names of various athletes and Olympic champions are indicated on tiles in the square. The most distinctive element of the park is a large lake, in the shape of the Greek island of Icaria, over which several wooden bridges intersect to get from one side of the Ronda del Litoral to the other. Therefore, this park is also known as the park of Bridges (parque de los Puentes).
In the end of the park you need to cross the bridge to get to the next park of this tour. Here, the Nova Icària beach ends and the Bogatell beach begins, which will accompany you to the end of this route.
Location: Jaume Vicens i Vives, 1

Poblenou Park (El Parc del Poblenou)
This park is one of the greenest places on the coast! It includes direct access to the beach.
Earlier in history, a railway was located here. The park is divided into two zones. The first one has a lake, as the most distinctive element. The second zone is dominated by plants, especially pines. The part closest to the sea is formed by dunes, fragments of old railway tracks are preserved here, and fragments of a shipwreck are presented as an episodic element. Among the trees of the park, tamarisk stands out, a tree resistant to marine salinity and which serves to fix dunes on the beach. The park has play areas for children, a ping-pong table, as well as pétanque, basketball, and skateboard courts.
In this park, you can enjoy the scent of pines and the sea, which is an exceptionally pleasant mix.
Don’t confuse this park with the Parc del Centre del Poblenou.
Location: Av. Litoral, 59

How to get there:
The route starts at the Cascades Park.
Metro: L4, Ciutadella
Bus: 10, 14, 36, 45, 57, 59, 71, 92 and 157
Tram: T4-Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica.
At the end of the route, from Poblenou Park:
Metro: L4 Poblenou and Llacuna
Bus: 14, 26, 36, 41 and 59.